On Masala movies and Multiplex audiences!!

If there is one thing which is a great unifier as well as a great divider of masses in India, it’s the movies. Every strata of society is attracted to them, every person is touched by the film industry in one way or another, whether or not they actually go and watch a movie in a theatre. There maybe millions who don’t know who the President of the nation is, but hardly would there be anyone who doesn’t recall the name of their local superstar. Then how can it be called a divider of masses? Well people are divided into Bollywood, Kollywood or Tollywood (though many of the movies made by them are directly lifted from Hollywood). Even inside an industry they are Rajni followers or Kamal followers, Salman fans or Shahrukh fans, Chiranjeevi or Nagarjuna supporters. People are divided into A, B or C class audiences. They come under either the so called ‘sophisticated multiplex crowds’ or the single screen ‘hooligans’. Some of them are able to enjoy the first day first show experience of a mass hero movie, while others can only derive fun out of pointing out the lack of logic in them. Some respond to the intellectual appeal of art house productions while many others can only use them as a treatment for insomnia.

One type of movie which never fails to interest me is the mass hero movie. This is characterised by a larger than life hero, who is invincible, omniscient, omnipresent and can also transform himself into a dancing and singing sensation while having the capability to attract the hottest chick in town without even speaking a word. He is the son whom every mother would love to have, the fighter which every army craves for, and the man every kid aspires to grow into. Of course there are variations to this premise, though those are always minor. In an industry characterised by uncertainty, this is one formula which is has the highest probability of success. Add an item song and a hot heroine into the equation and the probability just gets better.

Superstar Rajni

But then there are two fundamental problems which are affecting this franchise. One is that, the formula has already been beaten to death. People almost certainly know what to expect. They know that the hero is going to win in the end, the only thing left to see is how many bad guys he beats up en route and how many songs does he shake his legs to. Of course new aspects are emerging in the formula and some old favourites are now becoming extinct. One such thing is the concept of the hero’s sister getting raped. There hardly were any movies 20 years back without this, but thankfully the bad guys have learnt some manners in the 2 decades since then. Still there are some real bad ones who resort to that, but what the hell, even they should be given some room for nostalgic activities.

Another problem is the emergence of the self proclaimed “class audience”. This group is majorly composed of young college guys or people who passed out in the recent past. Having nothing to study in college and having no idea how better to use a PC and an internet connection, they end up downloading all the English movies that ever got released. And once they run out of the Terminators, Rambos, Rockys and Mummys they know about, they start searching for a source which gives them an exhaustive list of movies to see. That’s when they find IMDb with its famous top 250 list. Even though they have to resort to reading the storyline in Wikipedia after watching most of those movies, they still persist, as by doing so they earn the bragging rights of having seen these many movies out of the IMDb list. This is when they start imagining themselves to be connoisseurs of sophisticated movies with complex plot lines. But of course, just watching these movies may not be enough for their sophisticated image. They also need to start making fun of the part of the population which is still satisfied with mass hero movies. Such jerks they are, still watching run of the mill action movies when there is a gold mine of ‘top 250’ movies available, each more complex than the other, each one helping you feel so much more inferior in thought process compared to those supremely intelligent American directors. So what if I don’t get the plot line most of the time, I atleast don’t  end up seeing the same routine being dished out by a new actor with a new heroine (sometimes it’s actually the same routine with the same actor and the same heroine too!!). This is the crowd which suddenly realises that it’s their responsibility to uplift the masses who are still blind to good movies. They feel they should insult the masala movies till the time people wake up from their slumber and learn to appreciate the enlightened stuff. Inspite of having grown up watching Rajni flick a cigarette or Bachchan (or was his name Vijay?) deliver fiery dialogues in a baritone voice; they suddenly become the multiplex crowd who can only appreciate English or Englicized movies.


Now the problem with this crowd is their insane attitude towards most Indian movies. They would get orgasms when Neo stops a thousand bullets just by pointing his hands in that direction, they hold their breath when spider man stops a train single-handedly, or when Hancock knocks of a speeding  truck. But when an Indian mass hero does the same, they can but criticize him and make fun of the audience who still believe in such stuff. And when you point out the same to them what do they have to say in defence, “dude seriously where is the logic in your movies; this guy is fighting 10 people at once. Now where can that happen”? When I point out that Neo actually fought off innumerable Smiths in many instances they just get furious, “How dare you compare Matrix with your local movies? Dude, it’s the matrix! Neo was the One. Don’t you see the logic, it’s so clear”. Actually it’s not, but what the hell, they do believe in it.

All super-hero movies are driven by the same logic- “don’t look for logic here”. Willing suspension of disbelief is the premise of human existence. Didn’t Krishna lift the Govardhan using just his little finger, didn’t Jesus come back from the dead 3 days after he was nailed to the cross, didn’t Moses make a way through the Red sea, or didn’t Sri Ram’s army build a bridge of floating stones to reach Lanka. The point is that people are ever so ready to suspend their disbelief, if it means that they feel comfortable or content for that period. What’s the harm? I would say the level of sophistication of  Indian cinema and Indian audience is far greater than the western ones in this regard. While the western filmmakers need to keep coming up with absurd theories of entering the dreams, or battling with unheard of psychological diseases or saving an unknown planet, so that they can present unlikely scenarios on screen where the heroes end up doing stuff which is not humanly possible, the Indian filmmakers have it easy. The audience over the years has internalised the fact that the hero is someone who is capable of everything. You don’t need to waste your time laying a premise where the hero gets creative liberty. Rather the audience bestows the same upon him, just by his right of being a hero. So the film maker can concentrate on the aspects of the movie which they actually want to see, which is the action, romance and sentiment stuff. Indeed let me take one of the most heralded English movies of this season – ‘Inception’, as an example. Take away the scenes where the director explains to you the whole logic of entering dreams and stuff from it, and what do you get. A tale where there are some daredevil fights, some husband wife sentiment, and some catchy dialogues. Exactly my point!

My personal opinion about masala movies is that they are a necessity. I do mind numbing work every day of the week, battle it out with excel sheets, listen hard in classes to get the logic which a professor is trying to communicate (please believe all this, atleast for argument’s sake!!), so why should I also spend my leisure time in an activity which is going to strain my brain cells. I did rather sit back with some chips and enjoy a nice formula movie, knowing all the time what is going to happen but still enjoying the routine. This doesn’t mean any person can don the hero’s mantle and get the fan-following. As I said, the Indian audience needs to internalise the fact that you are someone with superhuman powers. If the hero is not able to convince them of the same, even a solid logic isn’t going to help, as they would anyway be negatively disposed towards him. So if you have the charisma, flaunt it, if you don’t then try to get it, and if you can’t then better sit at home. There are better people around to save the world.

So the next time you think of making fun of a Superstar or a Salman Khan or a Nagarjuna movie, better think twice. They are where they are because the audience so desires. And if you feel you are more intelligent than the collective consciousness, then you are the biggest fool.


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  1. Totally agree with you. IMO cinema halls are dark rooms where you get detached from the real world for a few fours. It gives a pause and the presence of logic, message or theme is not so important.

    One cannot say a film to be a good or bad one as the judging parameters are vast. One can say whether he liked a film or not liked it and this line of difference is always forgotten.

    I like dosa but not idly and for that matter I cannot criticize a person who eats idly. The same is the case with cinema.

    Another noticeable thing is the mass movie fans never criticizes any other film and they just keep going. It they do not like a film they just search for another one. Once they find that a certain theme is not going to interest them they just leave that for ever and move on. But the same is not the case with the other set of audiences. Even if they know that it is fire (for them) they keep touching it and criticize others.

    Engeyo thappu nadakuthu!!!

  2. ha ha.. that was a fun read. I think this was partly tongue-in-cheek. If you were serious here is what I think :).

    You can’t paint everyone with the same brush. When I enjoy a movie like Inception it is because of the story and plot (the dream stuff basically) and what I don’t get in a typical masala movie is exactly that. I get bored watching routine stuff. I guess even mass movie fans do. Otherwise all of Vijay’s films would have been superhits.

    I don’t look down on people enjoying these films and I avoid watching them If I know beforehand how the movie will be. That said, I think Dabangg was a good film. Better than Once Upon a Time in Mumbai or Raajneeti. What I do criticize is the tendency of film makers to cling to formula (super hero films are only one part of this). Churning out trash like “We Are Family”, “I Hate Luv Storys” etc does not help either the filmmakers or audiences.

    Also, why should “entertainment” be synonymous with “formula films”. A story and plot (straightforward ones) makes the movie more enjoyable. I hold up the current films not just up to hollywood standard but also to movies like Thevar Magan, Nayagan, Thalapathi etc. All were thorough entertainers and none needed to take the super hero route.

    • It was indeed written in a tongue-in-cheek manner. I used exaggerated examples to drive home the point.
      But simply put, my point is that, “admire whichever kind of movie pleases you, but dont go out of your way to belittle someone whose taste is different”. Its like food, everyone’s taste buds crave for something different, and no one can say that my taste buds are better than yours.
      But of course crap movies should definitely not be made. These are not movies which are crap cos they belong to a certain genre, but they are so because they dont do justice to any genre.

  3. Dear Friend,

    Well written to push your idea. But a classical movie supporter cannot blast the commercial movies better than you 🙂

    Few of your thoughts are just imaginations. I haven’t visited IMDB yet once in my life. But I too have my own choice and understanding of my taste. What movie makes me happy, what movie is different , what movie is commercial but yet watchable or even good to watch….

    Accepting super heroes from hollywood… again I disagree… It is okay to watch ‘jurassic park’ but when similar movies with huge animals like ‘lost world’, ‘anaconda’, etc I said big no to them. Avatar did not impress me. I wonder when people say ‘graphics’ or other effects are good in a movie. These technologies are for supporting the screenplay and present the thought better way… or are they just themselves a movie? I could enjoy the simple/poor/novice graphics in the Rajnikanth’s song ‘Raja chinna roja voodu kattu pakkam vandanam’ because it is was apt and funny. But just because some graphics engineers worked very hard and some produced has spent lot of crores in it will that bring you joy? you can only admire it.

    You don’t need to go to world classics to point out good movies. They are made here as well but they do not get much attention….

    Think of the below movies… aren’t they entertaining as well as different from MASS movies? ‘pasanga’, ‘saroja’, ‘chennai 28’, ‘santhosh subramanyam’, ‘panja thanthiram’, ‘anbe sivam’, ‘rang de basanti’, ‘munnabhai mbbs’ etc? We whole heartedly support these kind of commercial movies. Why don’t you encourage these kind of films instead of the regular Rajini/Vijay kind of films.

    There is a joke about vijay movies (actually it is true). You change the heroine and title- a new movie is made.

    Yes, taste of films is like taste of food. Each have a different taste. But we always insist about healthy and nutritional food, right? I hope you will not have second opinion in this. This is what we insist… give the MASS some healthy and nutritional thoughts… without compromising on entertaining factor, if possible…

    It may be okay to have hyderabadi biriyani once in a week but not as breakfast/lunch/dinner for 7 days a week. But unfortunately this is what happening over few decades as far as ‘the art form’ called cinema, in India…

    • I agree with you completely. I am not in support of crap movies. My point is that mass hero movies should be given the same respect as the movies with good story. They shouldn’t be belittled due to the fact that they dont win any awards. They serve their own purpose, which is wholesome entertainment.
      But of course anything made with the formula is not a good movie. If you do it right people enjoy it, if you make useless stuff in the name of formula films, people dont come and see it. So finally customer is the king, and the box office decides who should survive and who shouldnt.
      But just cos I am saying this, dont get me wrong that I am against good cinema. Society needs movies like “Mahanadi” or “Virumandi” to get a reality check of the current state of affairs. And they can be made in a way that they are entertaining too.
      Some of my arguments would have been over the top. Its cos of the intention to infuse humor, rather than because of fanatical support.

  4. this is just to subscribe to comments in this post!

  5. –Another problem is the emergence of the self proclaimed “class audience”–
    This is the one problem which is never ending and this disease gets into each and everyonw whr thy want them to be framed in that status. If you like the mass movies by rajini r Vijay then you are in a trouble of those “classes” to be call you as a shit and frame you as a person who doesn’t know the meaning of true cinema. Wel here I m asking, If you are going to watch the same autobiographical stuff which goes in your life as well, then why the hell you have to go and see that in the big screen? Cinema is a media which provides the illusion which every man needs. and that illusion will be given by those so called “Mass/crap” movies to those classy r glossy audience , though they enjoyed the same “Baasha” a decade back and now ask for the logic behind Rajni shaved beard is the ultimate disguise where he cannot be recognized by even by the police officials. Oh boy!!! These people are just want the logic behind every single frame in the movie , but they themselves din’t know that they are’nt fit to be in the class audience side!! I would say they are the Chameleons to be taken out of this society. In the end I am not against the people who follows the “class” movies. I am just against the morons who blindly follow and appreciate those movies !
    P.S: If you ever thought of achieving the social status through the media factors then you are the biggest loser.

    Macha I really appreciate the IMDB fact, tho it targets one person that comes to my mind but still there aplenty people should be drained from this medium of “critics”. Tis one topic which i always wanted to talk to everyone , sole reason is that I am a Vijay fan and you know what all we get just to follow Vijay. Even those morons willask for the logic behind Vijay comin strait to finals in Ghilli, but they have to accept the fact that one of the movie which showed how the screenplay as to be in a contemporary commercial cinema!
    Thanks a ton for bashing those unwanted morons out of this !

  6. Gowtham,

    Yes, we watched ‘Baasha’ ten years back and enjoyed it. But haven’t you changed/grown up in anyway in the last 10 years? Haven’t your thought process changed? Haven’t your opinion changed in many things other than cinema?
    1). Do you wear the same fashion wear that you wore 10 years back?
    2) Then, many of us did not have landline phone also. Ain’t you changed your mobile at least twice?
    3). Ain’t your hair style changed?
    4) Haven’t you upgraded your TV/DVD/Refrigerator/Washing machine at home?
    5) Haven’t your favorite two wheeler changed in last 10 years?
    6) Haven’t you started listening to new kind of music?

    When your expectation on everything is different from 10 years ago why alone the movie be stale? It is just because you lost your heart years ago and not able to come out of it? Movies like mozhi were entertaining as well with good sense of humor, isn’t it? Commercial movies like chennai28 were ‘mass’ but different as well, isn’t it? That’s the way we need to grow.

    Again, one doesn’t have to go to IMDB to know good movies. There are lot of movie channels coming to your door step; WorldMovies, HallMark, UTVCinemas,etc. அவ்வளவு ஏன், in மக்கள் டிவி they telecast world classics with tamil dub. Ada pathale podum.

    Even while watching Baasha I stopped watching vijay movies. The last movie of him that I watched in theatre was ‘Kushi’. I was a college student then. I did not had any idea about world classics or IMDB at that time. It was just that I felt those doesn’t offer anything to me. After Kushi, the only vijay movie I watched was ‘thirupachi’ and I fall depressed after watching it. I don’t think any superiority complex/social status would push me into depression after watching a movie. Rather I might just act as if I got anger.

    Even the mass magazine ‘ananda vikatan’ introduced many good movies across the world in the series written by chezhiyan.

    If you want movies like ‘baasha’ buy DVD and watch it everytime. Why to waste everything just by changing the heroine and songs to make a new movie?

  7. Mr.சாணக்கியன் sir,

    Everything is their point of view and there opinion. I am not against the change of trend that Tamil cinema is going through. I too like Puthupettai, Subramaniyapuram, Nadodigal and ram… I am just against the critics and so called ‘Class audience’ who claim themselves that they know about cinema and everything and simply dismiss that commercial cinema are just useless and crap . See if they go and watch spiderman series all the parts you will have the same hero and heroin bashing different villains, but they will say that as Masterpiece or even say the best super hero movie. But when we say that we love commercial cinema , we get the name as “senseless idiots, who doesn’t even know which is cinema”. They wil just keep on telling the fact that ultimately your hero will end up winning the game and screw the baddies. Thats what I am asking when the same spider man and other Hollywood hero fights with baddie they tend to leave the words as awesome action n etc, then why the hell we cant enjoy the movies which is acted by our fav actor? Not just with spiderman even in bourne series r other things, they are partial to Hollywood and other actors that what we are saying. after all they are sum shit heads who peeps the imdb index and watch movies. This isn’t going to take cinema anywhere.
    Again I am telling you I am not against meaningful cinema, after all it s a powerful medium. It can teach lessons to the beholder. But too much is good for nothing. You have to balance both class as well as mass movies.
    even the Hollywoods are following and inspiring Bollywoods in many ways. Even they enjoy our very own movies and I feel very much proud when the Britons come and watch Indian movies. They love Song and dance and even the so called “gravity defying stunts” by our actors.
    This is what India all about. we can’t change it.
    Now you can say due to impact of westernisation we almost changed to jeans, but still we cant forget our tradition. The same way we can support this change of trend in cinema, but what I am asking is don’t try to abolish it.
    paathathaiye paathute irkoam, poata sandaye poadraanga. verum heroin ah mattum change panni athe padatha oatraanganu solrrengale. daily kanaadila paakum pothu athe mogam thaane kannu therithu, daily panrathu naale oru naal brush pannama vitruveengala ? athe maathiri thaan we can’t change the taste of the people entirely. If they “claim” that they cant watch mass movies, then they are literaaly acting!!!

  8. One half of us wants to move ahead. Another half still cherishes the past and wants to stay anchored to what we have grown up loving.
    Movies try to cater to both these halves and are often successful in doing so.
    Thats why someone like me who felt inspired watching a movie like Hey Ram also loved a Padayappa.
    If we understand this and let the two co-exist, then nothing like it.
    The intention of this post was to drive home this point, and not to incite conflict between various camps. Cos as far as I am concerned, the two camps are not separate, but rather two sides of our own selves.

  9. Dei i was never arguing the fact of fading commercialism in cinema! I never accept the mass movies has never been a hindrance for its growth. All I was saying that the right mix of commercialism which class elements is fine and also guys like me who is been framed as mass movie lovers even loved Moonram Pirai and johny and at the same time we ‘enjoyed’ Murattu Kalai and Sagala kala vallavan! So we cant write it off just like as two groups. The Bottom line is, it is for the so called “White collared critics” who call it as crap movies , which we cant digest it.

  10. கௌதம்,

    /* daily kanaadila paakum pothu athe mogam thaane kannu therithu, daily panrathu naale oru naal brush pannama vitruveengala ? */
    உங்களுக்கே வீக்கான ஆர்கியூமெண்டா தெரியலையா? நான் தினம் எம்மூஞ்சிய என் பேர்லயே அப்படியேதான் பாக்கிறேன். தினம் ஒரு மாஸ்க் மாட்டிகிட்டு எனக்கு நானே வேற பேர் வெச்சுக்கிட்டு ஏமாத்திக்கிறதில்ல… ஓகே நீங்க என்ன சொல்லவற்றீங்கன்னு புரியது…

    டிஸ்கசன் பண்ணும்போது சில உண்மையான பாயிண்ட எதிரணி சொன்னாலும் ஒத்துக்கணும். அப்பதான் விவாதத்தை அடுத்த லெவலுக்கு எடுத்துட்டு போக முடியும்… அந்த விதத்துல உங்களோட சில பாயிண்ட்ஸ நான் ஒத்துக்கறேன்…
    1. அதே மசாலாவை ஹாலிவுட்ல பாத்துட்டு ஆஹா ஓஹோன்னு சொன்னா தப்புதான். நான் அப்படி இல்லேங்கறத என்னோட முதல் கமெண்ட்லயே சொல்லிட்டேன்.
    2. /*Again I am telling you I am not against meaningful cinema, after all it s a powerful medium. It can teach lessons to the beholder. But too much is good for nothing. You have to balance both class as well as mass movies */
    கரெக்ட். நீங்க எப்படி நல்ல சினிமாக்கு எதிரியில்லையோ அதுமாதிரி நானும் மசாலா சினிமாக்கு எதிரி இல்ல. ஆனா 10-ல் 8 படம் மசாலா படமா வர்ரதுதான் பிராப்ளம். அப்படியும் மீறி வர 2 வித்தியாசமான படமும் எந்தளவு ஓடுதுன்னு பாக்கனும். ‘அன்பே சிவம்’ நஷ்டம் ஏற்படற படமாவும் ‘கில்லி’ 100 நாள் ஓட்ற படமாவும் ஆகும் போது ஒரு சமூகமா நம்மளோட ரசனை எங்க நிக்குதுனு சுயபரிசோதனை பண்ணிக்கனும்! நெலமை இப்படி இருக்கறதுனாலதான் மசாலா சினிமான்னால கொஞ்சம் சத்தமாவே திட்ட வேண்டியிருக்கு…. சாதத்துக்கு ஊருகாயா? இல்லை ஊருகாய்க்கு நடுவுல சாதம் வேனுமானு நீங்கதான் சொல்லனும்.

    1. இனி வேறுபடும் விசயங்களுக்கு வருவோம்…
    /* Now you can say due to impact of westernisation we almost changed to jeans, but still we cant forget our tradition */
    கரெக்ட்டாங்க. பழசையெல்லாம் மறக்க சொல்லலை. ஆனா பழசுலர்ந்து எத எடுத்துக்கனும்கற தெளிவு இருக்கா? இன்னிக்கு கோவனம் கட்ட முடியாது… யாரும் உங்கள அப்படி சொல்லவும் மாட்டாங்க. கரகாட்டம் நம்ம பாரம்பரியம்தான். அத தொடரலாம்… ஆனா கரகாட்டக்காரியோட ஜாக்கெட்ல ரூபா நோட்ட குத்தரதும் நம்ம பழைய கிராமக்கலாச்சாரம்தான். அதையும் தொடரனுமா? இப்படிதான் மசாலா சினிமாவோட பலவிசயங்கள் இருக்கு இல்லீங்களா? அதில இருந்து எதையெல்லாம் தொடர்ரது நல்லதுனு என்னைக்காவது யோசிச்சிருக்கீங்களா?

    2. மசாலா சினிமா நெறைய பேத்துக்கு சந்தோசத்த குடுக்குது அதுல உங்களுக்கு என்ன பிரச்ச்னைனு கேக்கறீங்க. அதுல நெறையவே பிரச்ச்னை இருக்குதுங்க. அத தனியா விவாதிக்கலாம். உதாரணத்துக்கு ஒன்னு சொல்லனும்னா ‘எந்திரன்’ வெற்றியடையனும் முட்டியால நடந்தே மலையேறி சாமி கும்பிட்டிட்டு வந்திருக்காங்களே சில ரசிகர்கள்… அவங்க இப்படி முட்டளாவே இருக்க என்ன காரணம்? அவங்க இப்படியே இருக்கனும்னு நெனைக்கிறாங்களே பணம் சம்பாதிக்க மட்டும் ரசிகர்களை வெச்சிருக்கற நடிகர்கள்… இதெல்லாம் பிரச்சனை இல்லையா? சாராயம் மாதிரி இந்த ம்சாலா சினிமா மக்களை சிந்திக்கவிடாம ஒரு மயக்கத்துலயே வெச்சிருக்குன்னு பெரியவங்க சொல்றாங்க. அதனாலதான் இன்னிக்கு அரசாங்கம் கல்வியை தனியார்க்கு தாரவாத்து பணம் கட்டி படிக்கச்சொன்னாலும் இலவச டி.வி. வாங்கிட்டு சந்தோசமா ஒக்காந்திருக்கான். சரி, இது கொஞ்சம் முரண்பாடான அவ்வளவு ஈஸியா ஒத்துக்க கூடிய, நேரடித்தொடர்ப நிரூபணம் செய்ய முடியாத விமர்சனம்தான்…. விட்ருவோம்… ’கஞ்சி குடிப்பதற்கு வழியுமிலார், அதன் காரணங்கள் என்னவென்ற அறிவுமிலார்’ அப்படின்னு பாரதி சொன்னானே அந்த அறிவு இல்லாமலே இருப்பதற்கு மசாலா சினிமாவும் அதைப்போலவே கிறக்கத்தில் வைக்கும் டி.வி. நிகழ்ச்சிகளுக்கும் பங்கிருக்கா இல்லையானா நீங்களே யோசிச்சு சொல்லுங்க!

    3. மசாலா படம் பாக்கறதுதான் நம்ம கலாச்சாரம்னு சொல்லிட்டீங்க. அதுக்குமேல நான் ஒன்னும் சொல்றதுக்கு இல்ல. கொஞ்சம் யோசிக்க வேண்டிய விசயம்தான். ஆனா சக-மசாலா பட ரசிகர்களான தமிழர்கள் இத ஒத்துக்குவாங்களான்னு தெரியலை.

    4. ஒரு கேள்வி கேக்கறேன். உண்மையா நெஞ்சத்தொட்டு சொல்லுங்க. மசாலா சினிமாக்காக இவ்வளவு வரிஞ்சு கட்டி பேசுறீங்களே… நீங்க டி.வி. சீரியலை இதே மாதிரி சப்போர்ட் பன்றீங்களா? அங்கயும் இதே மாதிரிதான் சில formula இருக்கு. ஒரு அண்ணன், 4 தங்கச்சி… இல்ல ஒருத்தனுக்கு 5 பொண்ணுங்க… இல்ல ஒருத்தனுக்கு 3 பொண்டாட்டி… அப்படின்னு பெண்களே அதிகம் இருக்கனும். சினிமாவாவிட ஆபாசமும் வன்முறையும் சூதும் அதிகமா இருக்கு. இருக்கட்டுமே வீட்ல லேடீஸ்கும் பெரியவங்களுக்கும் பொழுது போகுது. அதையும் என்கரேஜ் பண்ணுங்களேன்? இதுல உங்க நிலைப்பாடு என்ன? அதுக்கு என்ன காரணம்?

    5. டி.வி. சீரியல்னால என்ன பிரச்சனை? பெண்களோட மன நிலை பாதிக்கப்படுது. எதையும் நெகட்டிவ்வாவே பாக்கறாங்க… எல்லோரையும் சந்தேகத்தோட பாக்கறாங்க…. வீட்டுல சமையலோ சாப்பாடு போட்றதோ சீரியல் இல்லாத நேரத்துலதான் நடக்கும்னு எல்லாருக்குமே தெரியும். இதையெல்லாம் தாண்டி சீரியல் பாக்கும்போது தொந்தரவா அழுதுகிட்டே இருக்குன்னு கொழந்தையவே கொன்னுட்டா ஒரு அம்மான்னு நியூஸ் வரும்போது உங்க நெஞ்சு பதறலையா? இந்த போதைக்கு என்ன காரணம்? சீரியல்ல இருக்கற மசாலாதான?

    6. எங்க தரப்ப சுரேஷ் கண்ணன் எழுதியிருக்காரு… படிச்சுப்பாருங்க…

  11. Hey,
    Just because you like Masala movies… need not mean you should hate movies like Inception!!

    I for one like all types of movies – Bolly or Holly or Tolly … at the end of the day, they are all Wood!!

    So i think… there is no need to criticize any format of movies… Enjoi them all!!

    But ur post was a nice read though… straight from the heart.

    • Hey thanks for the response…
      Please dont get me wrong.. I dont hate inception. The post was meant as a jestful retort against people who belittle masala movies after starting to watch the IMDb stuff. I just pulled in Inception as an example that would hit the spot.
      Else I am someone who wastes his time equally among all types of movies, in all the Indian languages, and now even in some strange foreign tongues..

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